How to Win Bet9ja – 12 Secrets of Football Prediction

After reading this post you will know the best way to predict your football matches in other to win bet9ja.

In recent years, so many youth including the underaged are getting so addicted to online football betting popularly called “Bet9ja” in this part of the world.

You will agree with me when I say “its getting so much difficult to win bet9ja nowadays”

The sad news about this is that, after spending several hours predicting and forecasting they still end up losing at last, what a pity!

Lots of people had criticized this types of business saying “its making our youth so lazy” why some had made strong statement – asking the government to intervene.

On my own part, I think it is a game of choice, if you are in for it then make sure you never get addicted to it or waste your precious time on it, above all, bet only with what you can afford to lose.

On daily basis, thousands of Nigerians stakes millions of Naira being optimistic of winning. But the sad news is that only less than 1% of this huge number end up “smiling very big to the bank”, I mean those who makes good profit.

No wonder why bet9ja is the second most visited site in Nigeria after Google!

One good thing about those involved in “bet9ja” is that they stay optimistic to win as each day passes by.
Their winning morale even increases whenever they get information that someone won a huge sum of money somewhere.

But who cares! The big question is how to easily win bet9ja

With out wasting much of your time, below we will give you some principles which will increase your chances to win bet9ja by 75%.

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Cheats to Win Bet9ja – The Winning Principles in Soccer Prediction

This is the best cheats you can every get on the secrets of winning bet9ja. If you can truly follow them all it will be a cheat to win bet9ja at any point in time.

The bet9ja soccer prediction winning cheat rules are explained below.

1. There is no such thing as “Match Fixing” or “Sure Game”

Most time people offer games, some even sell games, claiming it is a fixed match. Although sometimes they might luckily predict correctly because they are good analyst.

This will make you think they have a link (connection), be careful when you include such game in your staking slip or pay for games.

Even if a team want to fix a particular match, it will be a guided secret, of course, remember there is always a penalty for game fixing. Else the person offering such game to you is the president of FIFA.

2. Never underestimate any team

Although this is an unavoidable risk, but you should never look down on any team, you can never be 100% sure a weak team will lose a match – not even when they are up against the best.

If you follow up football result from various leagues, it will bring to your notice that over 15% of underestimated teams wins on daily basis.

This is the reason few games always “cast your ticket“. Some people aware of this may prefer to choose the goal wining option and not the “straight win” or “double chance”.

3. Do not stake on a team you support

Staking on a team you support will definitely involve emotions. If you must succeed in football prediction, you should learn to keep emotions away from your predictions.

If you have to do so then never accumulate it with other games. Play it as a single game, no matter how weak the team they are up against is. This is a betting principle. Adhering to it brings luck to your overall games.

4. Stake only on selected leagues

If you want to keep a steady pace of winning then you must carefully study some league of interest to you.

Every league has it own temperament, when you understand the temperament of a league, predicting matches from that league will always be positive, even with little or no forecast, there is still a high chance of predicting correctly.

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5. You must not stake on every match you wish to

Most people always like to stake on “big matches”such as El clasico, Manchester derby etc. knowing fully well that the outcome of such game is hard to predict. If you are skeptical about a game outcome then let it go – pick other games.

If you must stake on such competitive game then you should go for options like over/under goals, corner and cards, these options are better for competitive matches.

6. Don’t be deceived by odds in key matches

Don’t judge a team from odds given to them. Sometimes after forecasting the outcome of a football match we get discouraged by the odds given to the team.

Therefore, trying to amend our prediction base on the odds. We end up asking our self questions like “how will a team with 7.5 odd win a team with 1.4 odd” If you keep looking at odds you will hardly predict correctly or win big.

7. Never depend fully on predicting site

I will like to bring to your notice that must soccer predicting site are programmed, they are robot predicting according to teams; recent form, position on table and home advantage.

You can use them to select some match, but to achieve victory – you will have make further research on each of the team especially on their “head-to-head” performance.

8. Never stake matches when you are angry

You should only stake when you are in a good state of mind. Don’t think you are too perfect not to let your anger affect your prediction.

It is a law of nature, get ready to lose your game if you disobey this law. Even if you end up winning, then know that you are meant to win 10x bigger than you did.

9. To win bet9ja – Avoid staking in a Haste

Don’t be in a haste when booking or forecasting games, you should be relax and have plenty of time to yourself.

If the game is close to kick-off time simply let it go. Else you are staking on a “life match” then staking in a haste will be necessary before an outcome occurs or the odd drops.

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10. Never borrow money to play a game

It is not advisable to borrow money to play a game. Facts had proven this, and it is still proving it till today.

It is a law of nature, if you do, there is a higher probability not to win bet9ja that day. Like I said it is a law of nature, more like a mystery, without any empirical reasons.

11. Don’t assume you know it All

You may be good in predicting outcome of football matches but never allow it get into your head. There is something called “luck” in every football match. This is why the most impressive team may still end up losing even after having more of the ball possession and being goals ahead.

Assuming you know it all will make you not to perform sufficient research on matches. Let your research predict the outcome and not what you think.

12. Speak less about your game

I know most will not agree with me here. But note, this is also another law of nature. After playing your game stay calm and do not tell people your game update, speak less about the outcome in public. If you lose the game don’t tell people “nah one game cast my ticket” Even if you end up winning, while celebrating don’t tell people what is making you celebrate.

If you insist on broadcasting it – then you have received your reward (glory) know that your next “game win” will take more time than is suppose to. Don’t ask why, it is a mystery.

Best bet9ja winning ticket – 49.8 million


If you are searching for how to win bet9ja virtual game this article may not be sufficient as we have other post in that regard.



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